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  • The materials for the carbon steel increasing so much

     Low-carbon and medium-carbon steel almost constitute the backbone of every workshop in its general engineering applications and manufacturing parts.        They are defined by the percentage of carbon in the steel. Low carbon “low carbon” steel is 0.15% to 0.30%, and medium carbon st...
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  • Specification and function of basic fastener knowledge

    Basic knowledge of fastener products (Function)   I. Function:   1, screw torque requirements: the external hexagon screw to bear the torque is relatively larger, the inner hexagon screw to bear the torque is smaller, the cross groove torque is smaller (so this kind of screw is gener...
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  • Shortage! A “container” is hard to find! Freight rates continue to rise!

    Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the decline in international logistics capacity has led to a sharp increase in container ship freight rates. The freight rate of the West American route has increased by three times compared with the beginning of the year; the prices of the E...
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  • high quality carbon structural steel 50MN

                  Basic information: Name: high quality carbon structural steel Grade: 50Mn Standard: GB/T 699-1999 Characteristics: 50Mn is with relatively high strength, flexibility and hardness, more used after quenching and tempering, and with poor weldability....
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  • What is black coating and phosphating?

    After learning about the fastener forming process, the little whites who just entered the fastener family often hear the word blackening when they understand the following process. In fact, the simple understanding of blackening treatment is that steel is easy to oxidize, and an oxide layer must ...
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    There are two types of threads: left-hand thread and right-hand thread. When the part is placed vertically along the axis, when the left end of the thread helix is ​​higher than the right end, it is a left-hand thread (as picture). When the right-hand thread is higher than the left-hand thread, ...
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  • In order for a pressure washer to really work

    On-site repairs can be a vicious cycle that never ends. There are many things to keep you busy indoors-plumbing, electricity, paint, flooring, etc.-but once you get out of the house, most people will stop at the place where the lawn is mowed or the flower bed is maintained. If it was you, then yo...
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  • Knowledge sharing of fasteners (screws)

    Screw refers to the screw, is the use of the physical and mathematical principles of the circular rotation of the object and friction, step by step to tighten the tools.Screws are the general term for fasteners.   Screws – Type of screws commonly used:   1, Machine Screw:   2. The Tapping S...
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  • Knowledge sharing of fasteners (nuts)

    Nuts are an integral part of all manufacturing machinery.There are many kinds of nuts, we commonly have gb, British standard, American standard, Japanese standard nuts.     Introduction to Basic Knowledge   A nut is a nut, a part screwed together with a bolt or screw for fastening purposes, a com...
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  • By the end of 2018-2028, the value of the railway fastener market will exceed $XX

    “Railway Fastener Market Insight 2018″ is a professional and in-depth study of the current situation of the global rail fastener industry, with a focus on the global market. The report provides important statistical data on the market conditions of rail fastener manufacturers and prov...
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  • Fastener consumer market size by product type, end user, regional prospects, growth, trends and forecast by 2027 2020 | Market Research Intelligence

    The latest report released by market research company Intellect is called “Fastener Consumption Market”, which provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the fastener consumption industry and familiarizes them with the latest market trends, industry information and market share...
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  • Installation of Slotted Spring Pin

    Installation of Slotted Spring Pin

    What is a spring pin? Elastic pin is also known as spring pin or open type elastic pin (there are also roll type elastic pin, but this article mainly introduces the common open type elastic pin). To describe it simply, it is a hollow cylinder, and then cut it to form an opening shape, which is co...
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