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  • The 127th Canton Fair was Postponed

    The 127th Canton Fair was Postponed

    This is the third postponement of the Canton Fair in 67 years. On the afternoon of March 23, the Press Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province held a press conference. It was announced that the 127th Canton Fair will not be held on April 15 as scheduled due to the current situatio...
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  • Meeting decides to boost capacity as pandemic weakens services globally

    China will take further steps to boost international airfreight capacity to stabilize supply chains, the State Council's executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday. "With the (COVID-19) pandemic rampaging across the world and air passenger services dwindling worldwide due to ...
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  • Factory Start Working from March 1st,2020

    Factory Start Working from March 1st,2020

    Good morning, dear All. Hebei Ruiye Fasteners Manufacturing Co.,Ltd have start production since March 1st, all production go back to normal, full stock goods, fastest shipping, welcome for the any inquiry. Hebei News Network (correspondent Zhao Ming Hebei Daily reporter Qiao Binjuan) Since the o...
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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Dear all, In the new year, Hebei Ruiye Fasteners Manufacturing Co., Ltd, wish you a prosperous business in 2019, and best wishes for the new year. As the annual Chinese Spring Festival is coming. We will have a holiday from 15th Jan to 31th Jan. Thank you so much for you...
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  • The 17th China Handan Yongnian Fastener Exhibition

    The 17th China Handan Yongnian Fastener Exhibition

    China Handan Yongnian fastener Expo center will hold the 17th China Handan Yongnian Fastener Exhibition. We sincerely welcome you visit this exhibition. This exhibition gathers many fastener suppliers, they will bring many kinds of products. You can communicate with different exhibitors directly...
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  • Yongnian -The “Capital of Chinese Fasteners”

    Yongnian -The “Capital of Chinese Fasteners”

    Yongnian has rich history and culture, superior geographical location, convenient transportation, and distinctive industrial characteristics. The development prospect is broad, with an area of 761 square kilometers and a population of 970,000. There are 17 towns and more than 200 villages in Yon...
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