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  • New Year’s Day-3 Days Holiday 1th Jan.-3rd Jan. 2022

    New Year’s Day-3 Days Holiday 1th Jan.-3rd Jan. 2022

     Hi dear, now is nearly to end of 2021, and 2022 will coming. Time files, very grateful and thanks our customers' support. We hope 2022 we can provide better service.  To celebrate new year, we will have 3 days holiday from 1th Jan.-3rd Jan. 2022. any question welcome send us email. hope everyone...
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  • Dongzhi Festival, making dumplings together

    Dongzhi Festival, also known as Nichinan Solstice, Winter Festival, and Asian Sui, has two connotations of nature and humanity. It is not only an important solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, but also a traditional Chinese folk ancestor worship festival. The winter solstice is one of the f...
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  • Winter Olympic Games Noted

    Winter Olympic Games Noted

    Due to the Winter Olympic Games, the government requires enterprises to stop production and limit production from January 1 to March 8 (during the Winter Olympic Games). Customers who need to prepare goods should place orders quickly and prepare enough goods for promotion after the Spring Festiva...
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  • End of 2021, Order Increasing, Lead Time Extension

    End of 2021, Order Increasing, Lead Time Extension

         It is Now December, the last month of 2021, and the Spring Festival falls on February 1, 2022. our factory will have about one month holiday. from mid to late January begain holiday and start work in mid February after the Spring Festival.       As the Spring Festival approaches, the number ...
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  • By 2028, the anchor bolt market will witness tremendous growth | Hilti, Peikko Group, Fastenal

    The anchor rod market report focuses on a comprehensive analysis of the current and future prospects of the anchor rod industry. This report integrates primary and secondary research, taking into account macro and micro environmental factors, and provides market size, share, dynamics and forecast...
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  • 4Pcs Fix Anchor Bolt

    4Pcs Fix Anchor Bolt

    4pcs fix anchor bolt material: zinc plated yellow carbon steel 4.8 grade 1.Picture             2.size               3.packing  
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  • 2021 Screw and Nut Feeding and Driving Machine Market Outlook, Demand, Regional Analysis, Industry Value Chain | Operating Suppliers: Assembly Automation, Visumatic Feeder Systems, WEBER, DEPRAG SC...

    The detailed research and analysis of the global screw and nut feeder and driver market highlights new trends in the screw and nut feeder and driver industry and provides the company with trading insights. This research helps manufacturers, suppliers, investors, and CEOs identify opportunities an...
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  • We had a team building event today

    We had a team building event today

    In the golden autumn of October, the sky is clear and crisp. Take off the fatigue of work and put it into the embrace of nature. Let's completely let ourselves fly. We should work hard when we work, have fun when we play, be kind to ourselves and enjoy our leisure time. Build trust and do your be...
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  • Plastic Material Simple Introduction

    Plastic Material Simple Introduction

        PA: Polyamide, commonly known as nylon, refers to plastic made of polyamide resin. This type of resin can be prepared by polycondensation of diamine and dibasic acid, or by ring-opening polymerization of lactam formed after amino acid dehydration. Unlike PS, PE, PP, etc., PA does not graduall...
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    Hello,everyone. nice for you We are finished our holidays of National Holiday  and come back to work in office. Many customers have ordered us when we come back office. and We have already started to arrange production orders. Thanks for our customers trust and support. Customers for us not only ...
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  • Happy National Day

    According to the relevant regulations of the General Office of the State Council, combined with the actual situation of our company, after research and decision, the specific arrangements for our National Day holiday are hereby notified as follows: 1. Holiday time: 7 days in total from October 1s...
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  • Global hardware and fastener market-recent industry trends and expected industry growth from 2021 to 2026

    The research report on the hardware and fastener market provides comprehensive insights into the factors affecting the growth trajectory of the industry sector from 2020 to 2026. In addition, it provides a micro view of the business sector through national assessments of key regions and other sub...
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