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  • Hex Nuts and Bolt Market Growth, Projections, Analysis, Trends and Forecast 2026

    LOS ANGELES, United States: The report on the global Hex Nuts and Bolt industry is just the resource that players need to strengthen their overall growth and establish a strong position in their business. It is a compilation of detailed, accurate research studies that provide in-depth analysis o...
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  • Flange Fasteners Market Overview and Scope Forecast 2020 to 2026

    The Flange Fasteners Market 2020 report is a comprehensive, professional and in-depth research of market that delivers significant data for those who are seeking information for the Flange Fasteners industry. The market report delivers the specification, key strategies, future prospect and cost s...
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  • Dart’s Latest Revisions: M2 Small- and Big-Block Chevy Castings

    There’s a parable in the bible about what happens to the foolish man who builds his house on a foundation of sand and is washed away in the rain and floods. The wiser man (who obviously is also a hot-rodder) built his house on a foundation of solid rock that survives the weather. The engine build...
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  • International Labor Day-5 Days Holiday

    International Labor Day-5 Days Holiday

         May 1, is International Labor Day. Our company will have five day holidays from May 1 to May 5(Chinese time), If you have any requirement pls send us email, we will reply you within 24 hours or when we work.      On May 1, 1886, more than 200,000 workers in Chicago in the United States held ...
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  • What is Expansion Anchor?

    What is Expansion Anchor?

    Expansion anchor is generally referred to as metal expansion anchor. The expansion anchor is fixed using a wedge-shaped slope to promote expansion to produce a frictional gripping force to achieve a fixed effect. The one end of bolt is threaded and at the other is tapered. There is a metal sleeve...
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  • China-India cooperation imperative for COVID-19 fight

    As of Saturday morning, India has reported 14,425 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 488 deaths. As the world’s second-largest populous country, India’s mortality rate is lower than in many other countries, which indicates the government’s decision to impose a nationwide lockdown ...
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  • industrial fasteners market reach a value of INR 7,706 Bn by 2023

    Fasteners are generally used to join the different parts of items by using nuts and bolts, washers, screws, clips, clamps and other products. The global industrial fasteners industry is considered to be highly fragmented and is competitive in nature, with small and large scale manufacturing compa...
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    3PCS anchor nut, is combined with 3pcs for usage, it is one kind of expansion anchor bolt, like the following picture:   Every month, can produce 60tons anchor nut, can provide the size from M6-M12, welcome for inquiry. Container shipment   Expansion anchor bolt are generally referred...
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  • Graphite Electrodes Market 2020: Trends, and Strategies by Key Players – SGL Carbon SE, Nantong Yangzi Carbon, HEG Limited and Others

    Global Graphite Electrodes Market 2020 is analyzed in details, to provide accurate and useful insights and market data that players can perform strong growth in the future. Experts and Graphite Electrodes industry analysts, which makes it legitimate and dependable compile the analysis. Readers ha...
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  • Bolt goes viral with ‘social distancing’ Olympic photo

    Washington (AFP) – Retired track star Usain Bolt showed he’s still a few steps ahead when he posted an AFP picture of him outstripping his rivals at the Beijing Olympics with the cheeky caption: “social distancing”. Bolt’s post, featuring a picture by AFP photographe...
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  • From 0:00 on April 8th- Wuhan City lifts control of Lihan Channel

    From 0:00 on April 8th- Wuhan City lifts control of Lihan Channel

    From 0:00 on April 8th, Wuhan City lifted the control measures for the departure of the Han Channel, removed the traffic control checkpoints in Wuhan, and resumed the orderly operation of railways, civil aviation, water transportation, highways, and city buses. Wuhan lifted the control measures ...
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  • WHO:China’s experience is helping other countries fight the epidemic

    WHO:China’s experience is helping other countries fight the epidemic

    On the 5th, the World Health Organization released the 76th issue of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Report. The report believes that China has now entered the mitigation phase from the stage of containment of the epidemic, and China’s experience is helping other countries’ anti-...
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