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Installation of Slotted Spring Pin

What is a spring pin? Elastic pin is also known as spring pin or open type elastic pin (there are also roll type elastic pin, but this article mainly introduces the common open type elastic pin). To describe it simply, it is a hollow cylinder, and then cut it to form an opening shape, which is conducive to the elastic tension of the material. With the tolerance, it is forced into a hole to form a fixed.


Therefore, the elastic pin belongs to a kind of hardware products which can be reused and adjusted properly. In fact, the production of elastic pin is not a hollow tube and then cut open, but a flat plate is used to roll it. The elastic pin is placed in the hole. When the pin is subjected to external pressure, the elastic pin will be compressed. When the pressure is eliminated, it will return to the initial state, and finally play the role of positioning.


The operation of installing the elastic pin is also very convenient. You can directly knock the installation with a hammer. We only need to pay attention to the direction of the groove of the elastic pin consistent with the force direction of the part. After the elastic pin is installed in place, the elastic pin should be completely embedded in the matrix and be flat with the surface.


After the elastic pin is installed, it is difficult to loose, and the accuracy requirements for the guide hole are not high. The first thing for a good quality elastic pin is that its hardness is relatively hard, and then its elasticity is relatively high. If it is a black elastic pin, its material is mostly made of 65Mn spring steel. If it is a stainless steel elastic pin, SUS304 material is often used. However, the elasticity of stainless steel elastic pin must be slightly worse. This is not a quality problem, but the characteristics of raw materials. When measuring the size of the elastic pin, its diameter should be larger than that described by us. For example, if the size of the elastic pin we require is 4 * 20, then 4 refers to the diameter of 4 mm, and 20 refers to the height of the elastic pin is 20 mm. When we measure, its diameter will be between 4.2 mm and 4.3 mm, which is conducive to the higher tolerance. After the elastic pin is installed, it will not loose

Post time: Oct-20-2020