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How to use expansion screw


Expansion screws are used frequently in our daily life and can be used to tighten a variety of tools.But if some people can not be used correctly, do not understand the correct operating procedures, it will lead to the fastening effect is not up to the best.How should expansion screws be used?

1. What is the use method of expansion screw


1. First of all, we need to choose the drill bit suitable for the expansion screw. We need to drill the hole on the wall, and the depth of the hole is consistent with the length of the bolt.Then insert the whole set of expansion screw into the hole. Do not remove the nut in a hurry, otherwise it will be difficult to remove it later.


2, the next is to tighten the nut, feel the screw tighten, there will be no loosening, we will screw down the nut.Then the fixed parts of the fixed items are punched, the alignment screws are installed, and then the nuts are tightened.

3, in the whole process of installation, drilling is also very skilled.For a 6 mm size, the diameter of the hole should be up to 10 mm.If it is 8 mm in diameter, it needs to hit 12 mm, so it needs to hit the hole in the wall according to the outer diameter of the expansion pipe.


4. If it is a brick wall, you can choose a bit with a slightly smaller diameter, and the expansion pipe should be all buried into the wall, so that it will be more solid.


5. When installing, it is necessary to ensure that the wall is hard or punched in the object. If the wall itself is relatively soft, it is not appropriate, especially in the gap of the wall

II. What are the specifications and models of expansion screws


1. We use M to represent the characteristics of different threads, and there will be different marks according to the diameter of the threads.For example, if you have a thread that is 14 millimeters, you can refer to it as M14, or M16, etc.


2. The most important thing for expansion screw is its thickness, which can determine its fastening degree.If the hand can pinch the expansion bolt directly, it cannot be purchased, because the fastening ability will be poor.


Post time: Mar-18-2021