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Crazy!!!Billet skyrocketed 130 yuan, iron ore impact 1250 yuan, steel prices rose 4 times a day!











Friday futures night trading black commodity prices hit a new record, every day is witness history!May 8, Tangshan Changli area steel mill general billet ex-factory price rose 130 yuan, the price of 5350 yuan, with the continuous rise of steel futures, steel market sentiment was pushed to a high point, the billet spot price rises.This week only three valid working days, after the May Day holiday, the market started a crazy soaring mode.


The spot price of steel continues to soar, and some regions of the steel market are reluctant to sell, restricted sales and storage closed phenomenon, East China, North China, Northeast China, Northwest, Southwest and Central China steel prices rose 50-280 yuan.It is worth mentioning that the current north and south steel prices are basically wiped out, in the past in the northeast of the national price depression has been flat with Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the trading atmosphere is hot.


May Day can be said to be the watershed of steel prices, driven by the macro policy and international news and other positive factors, steel market prices like a rocket in general, rose across the board, constantly refresh a record high, continue the upward trend unchanged.Iron ore, raw material prices continue to climb, steel factory prices also follow the rise.A sudden steel price skyrocketing, let steel traders are caught off guard, have taken temporary measures.And this round of fierce steel prices did not stop at the first day, until the 8th still maintain a daily rise rate of more than 100 yuan, full of momentuAccording to data, on May 8, the average price of 25mm three-level rebar in domestic key cities Ф was 5661 yuan/ton, up 106 yuan/ton compared with the previous day;May realized “three consecutive increases”, a cumulative increase of 452 yuan/ton, an increase of 8.68%;Increased by 585 yuan/ton compared with the same period last month, an increase of more than 11.52%;It is only 236 yuan/ton away from the historical high of 5897 yuan/ton on May 13, 2008.Today, the price of hot-rolled coil has reached 6118 yuan/ton, directly breaking the record of the all-time high in 2008.



According to data from the China Iron and Steel Association, the average daily crude steel output of key steel mills in late April rose 3.25% month-on-month to 2.399,800 tons, a record high for two consecutive days and an increase of nearly 20% compared with the same period last year.


According to statistics, as of May 7, steel stock in domestic key cities is 14.1863 million tons, up by 14,000 tons over the previous week, with a weekly increase of 0.09%, but still slightly lower than the same period last year of more than 12%.Among them, the inventory of construction steel was 9,397,800 tons, down 139,700 tons compared with last week, down 1.47% weekly and 13.58% lower than the same period last year.The inventory of hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil and medium thick plate increased by 4.93%, 1.09% and 2.25%, respectively.


Steel mills slower than before the slightly slower, individual areas began to increase storage.According to the survey, on May 7, the inventory in the construction steel factories of sample steel mills in major regions of the country was 4.95 million tons, down 555,000 tons compared with last week, down 10.1% month-on-month;Leading steel mills to reduce inventory is still obvious, in the short term, if there is no special change in the market, the current inventory pressure is not big.


This round of steel price rise and the country has repeatedly emphasized “carbon peak” and “carbon neutral” related, the country is imperative on the issue of environmental governance, which will affect the steel output, the current part of the steel market and resources tight phenomenon, such as Tangshan area of the large thread in the state of shortage.Supported by global monetary easing, recovery of overseas demand, adjustment of import and export tariffs, environmental supervision, the return of overcapacity reduction and the recent rise in raw material prices, the momentum and expectations for steel prices to continue to rise remain.


On the one hand, the bulk commodities rise, futures market raw materials rise strongly;Reduce domestic iron and steel production and production capacity, on the other hand, the message is heard, the market at present is still positive to occupy the first place, rising steel prices keep inertia, positive, widespread market speculation demand, the downstream demand release, but money obviously nervous, terminals and downstream site collection, as a whole, estimated 5 months early steel prices unchanged rally,At the end of the month, the risk of a high callback is stored.

Post time: May-10-2021