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The main function of the flat washer is to protect the surface of the connector from scratching the surface of the workpiece when the bolt and nut are tightened; the spring pad is anti-loosening. However, some important connections, such as places that rely mainly on compression to generate friction to transmit power, cannot use spring pads. It reduces the rigidity of the connection and is prone to accidents. It is not necessary to use a spring washer. When the strength of the connected parts is low, flat pads or flange bolts are used to increase the contact area. Flat pads mainly increase the contact area. Spring washers are anti-loosening, and are relatively large when there is vibration, pulse, and medium temperature. Be sure to use a spring washer during fluctuations. The spring pad can increase the pre-tightening force and has a loosening prevention effect, while the flat washer does not.

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Product name DIN127 steel spring washers spring lock washers
Size M2-M30, can be customized
Standard ISO,GB,DIN,BS,ANSI, JIS,Nonstandard
Grade 4.8/ 6.8/ 8.8/ 10.9/ 12.9
Available Material 1. Stainless Steel: SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316, SS410, SS420
2. Steel: C45(K1045), C46(K1046), C20,etc.
3. Brass: C36000 ( C26800), C37700 ( HPb59), C38500( HPb58),
C27200CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40),etc.
4. Bronze: C51000, C52100, C54400, etc.
5. Iron: 1213, 12L14, 1215, etc.
6. Aluminum: Al6061, Al6063, etc.
7. Carbon steel: C1006,C1010,C1018,C1022,C1035K,C1045,12L14,etc.
8. Alloy steel: SCM435,10B21, C10B33,etc.
Surface Treatment Galvanization,Nickel-plated,Black oxide,Dacromet
Advantage OEM / ODM / customized service provided
Quality control ISO standard,100% Whole range inspection through the production
Certificate ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004
After-sales Service We will follow up every customer and solve all your problems satisfied after sales


Spring washer:

The spring washer is installed under the nut to prevent the nut from loosening.

Spring washers are used to prevent loosening. Flat washers have no anti-loosening function. Flat washers only increase the contact area.

The flat pad is just to increase the contact area, and the spring pad can prevent loosening. For example, the bolt connecting the motor and the base is generally added with a spring pad, because if the motor vibrates without the spring pad, the nut will loosen and the fastening on the equipment with vibration is generally There are spring gaskets on the parts, and generally no gaskets are required on the flange! The addition of spring gaskets on the flange is related to the medium flowing through the pipeline. If pulses are easy to produce, it is best to add spring gaskets, as well as high speed. Fluids, calibers change frequently. Don’t generalize. On some valves, stuffing box gland flanges need spring gaskets. Spring gaskets are included in Quick, Easy, and Optimal Selection.

The flat pad is used to increase the fastening contact area. The spring pad is used for places with vibration to prevent loosening. There is no spring washer for fastening PVC flanges. The flat pad is to increase the contact area and prevent friction between the bolt and the workpiece; the spring pad is to prevent the vibration from loosening;




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