Hot Sale Galvanized Iron Concrete Nail

Short Description:

Material: Q195/45#/55#

Size: 0.8inch, 1inch, 1.2inch, 1.5inch, 2inch, 2.5inch, 2.8inch, 3.2inch, 4inch, 5inch, 6inch(customized)

Surface finish: zinc plated

Color: silver/yellow/blue white


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Can you nail into concrete?

Using concrete nails to nail boards into concrete slabs can be an inexpensive project when you do it manually. With just a hammer drill, masonry bit, concrete nails, and a hammer, you can accomplish roughly the same feat as you would by using a gun-style power nailer.


Concrete Nail:


Suitable for the connection of decoration, decoration industry, hard wood, light wood keel. Suitable for hard wood, brick wall and cement mortar components. It is widely used in the installation and decoration of water and electricity in civil and military buildings.


Made of high quality 40 #  45 # medium carbon steel, specially treated.

Edit this paragraph performance:
Has strong hardness and good toughness. Medium carbon steel hardness above HRC50; shear strength t≥980 Mpa;

Performance and advantages: Super hardness, superior quality and reasonable price.

To ensure safety, wear protective glasses when using cement steel nails. Cement steel nails should be 90 degrees perpendicular to the working surface.


Each year, our company attend the fasteners exhibition to show our products to customers who looks for the good quality fasteners.

2017 Fasteners Fair at Shanghai

2018 Fasteners Fair in KZ

2019 Fasteners Exhibition at Shanghai

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1. OEM and ODM (Own design products)

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2. Free sample order : samples can provide no charge only need pay a shipping cost.

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5. After goods to be shipped, we will track the products for you once every two days, until you get the products. When you got the goods, test them, and give me a feedback.If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.

Any question or requirement please contact us.

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